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TransDyne's Medical Transcription System Security

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Our security and privacy policies guarantee the security of health information like patient details. Our security levels meet all the HIPAA regulations which are related to Electronic Transmission of Patient Information.  Authentication and encryption is applied to all data transfers in order to meet the terms of HIPAA security standards.

Our HIPAA privacy officer facilitates and manages the HIPAA and information security needs of our organization and for our clients. He is responsible for developing and maintaining effective educational programs for training internal staff on the rules of HIPAA compliance and for working with our clients so that they understand our procedures and what they must do to keep their medical transcription data secure.

We provide the HIPAA compliant requirements like limiting the access to the application by User ID (a personal identification number) and an encrypted password. Access to files is limited based on the user's role. Once a user is logged in, if no activity is performed for certain time, the user is automatically logged out of the system. Each file is automatically logged to ensure an adequate report of all activity in which every patient's details are accessed, modified or deleted.

Benefits of HIPAA Compliance:

Avoids fines and criminal penalties
Customer and industry confidence
Increased efficiency
Streamlined process workflow
Public exposure risk is low
Increased data efficiency

Put TransDyne's secure, HIPAA-compliant medical transcription practices to work for you today!

Our management system runs on a firewall protected server and stores all the dictations, medical transcriptions, EMR. The data communication between our secured server and your computer is encrypted, and therefore the interception of data is not possible during transfer. Moreover, our servers contain a virus protection program provided with an online update and backup emergency power supply. Further protection is in place with password authentication required to access any data from our servers. Regular technical evaluations are carried out to make sure that all our systems meet the security requirements. The final documents are transferred to your computer by 128 SSL encryption.

In order to open your dictation or medical transcription documents you should first download the files to your computer. Each downloaded document will be compressed with your password which is in your system. The document can only be "unzipped" when your password is provided; without the password, the document will not be able to be opened. These administrative procedures protect data integrity, document availability, and patient data confidentiality. 

All of our staff who handle any sensitive information have signed privacy agreements, and have been provided with security, privacy, and confidentiality awareness training.   The entire medical transcription process is done in our office - we don't make use of any sub contractors. Your confidential information will not leave our office.

Our resolve to keep your files secure is based on sound business practices that meet and exceeds HIPAA compliance standards.

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