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Getting Started with TransDyne

Get customized Medical Transcription Services. Start working with TransDyne today!

Identifying solutions for you:
At TransDyne we customize our service to suit your needs. During the initial sales phase, our experienced sales executive will work to analyze your needs and present you with all the options available that will meet those needs. If necessary, members of TransDyne's technical team and operations team will be brought in to discuss any technical or operational/business needs that you might want address, to answer questions that you might have and to suggest appropriate solutions.


The Agreement:  Once your questions have been answered and your needs have been addressed, when you agree that TransDyne's Medical Transcription Services are right for you, TransDyne's Ssales executive will provide you with a standard business agreement. Before signing, you can have the contract reviewed by your legal team and may suggest any changes that you wish to make. TransDyne will work aggressively to incorporate changes to the agreement to meet your needs.

Use TransDyne's medical transcription services free for 7 days - discover the difference for yourself.


Gathering the basic information: In this phase, TransDyne's sales executive will collect basic information from you to begin setting up the service. Provider details, templates or macros if any are to be used, details about referring physicians and similar  information will be collected.


Shipping Hardware and Software: TransDyne will ship all necessary hardware, software and user manuals to you. Frequently, the only hardware shipped is digital recorders.

Ask about getting a Free Olympus Digital Recorder when you choose Transdyne as your Medical Transcription Provider.

Technical Integration: If any technical integration or support is needed to get you up and running, TransDyne's technical team will be there to work with you. Building VPN tunnels, HL7 interfacing, ADT feeds, installing TransDyne's software: all of these services can be done remotely either over the phone or by using RTS clients.


Training: TransDyne's operations team will work with your staff to train them and ensure that they know how to use our system.


Using the Service: Your providers can dictate as frequently as they want or need to by calling in by phone or by using the digital recorder at their convenience. Alternately providers can begin sending dictations to TransDyne using one of TransDyne's solutions for using existing voice capture systems (Dictaphone, PDAs, etc.).

Within 24 hours of receiving your dictation, TransDyne's team of highly skilled transcriptionists and proofreaders process your dictation into letter-perfect text. Once completed, reports will be delivered to you electronically.

Discover the TransDyne Medical Transcription Services. Start working with TransDyne today!

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