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Low Cost Medical Transcription

See how much you can save. Put TransDyne's Medical Transcription Services to work for you today!

Guaranteed savings: TransDyne guarantees you savings of 20% to 50% over your current medical transcription service. TransDyne offers a standard charge starting from $0.10 per 65 character line. Volume and group discounts are also offered to larger practices, hospitals and professional associations.

TransDyne Line Count Methodology

TransDyne defines a line using the standard of 65 characters per line. Our definition of a character is any letter, number, symbol, punctuation or space that is necessary to the medical transcription document. TransDyne does not count key strokes as characters, nor do we count formatting actions such as capitalization (on/off), bold text (on/off), italics (on/off), or underlining (on/off) when we calculate a line.

Each invoice is accompanied with a detailed statement of documents transcribed during that billing period and the actual character count of each of the documents is provided to the client (for large accounts, this statement is provided on request). The detailed statement allows the client to quickly and easily audit the submitted invoice.

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MTIA BMP - (Billing Method Principles)
The MTIA Work Group on Billing Method Principles has developed a set of Principle Statements designed to provide a means to evaluate any medical transcription billing method or internal medical transcription cost accounting method - whether existing or proposed. These Principle Statements do not, in and of themselves, suggest or intend to suggest any preferred billing method. Rather, they seek to acknowledge and preserve a creative, broad spectrum of methods while simultaneously reaffirming strong fundamentals on which the medical transcription industry can flourish.

The application of these principles is totally at the discretion of those who would apply them. They have, however, been developed with all industry constituents in mind including, but not limited to, buyers and providers of medical transcription services (of all size and type, regardless of location), medical transcriptionists, caregivers, medical patients, and all those who would enter the field of medical transcription in one facet or another.

As these principles are born from reasonable business practices, one should assume that any billing method which can be questioned in the context of these principles should be questioned.

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Our methods are:

Verifiable: A medical transcription billing method should be subject to verification, with such verification being available for parties involved in the transaction.

Definable: A medical transcription billing method should accurately define all measurements and be free from definitional ambiguity.

Measurable: A medical transcription billing method should allow for complete understanding of the formulas used in calculation and should result in a clear and concise invoice.

Consistent: A medical transcription billing method should be generally reliable and consistent in its application.

Fair and Honest: A medical transcription billing method should be fair and honest, resulting in invoices that accurately reflect and charge for services rendered.

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How do we deliver service at such a low cost?

Our proprietary software uses the latest developments in internet technologies, electronic data interchange, and digital recorders to transfer documents and manage workflow efficiently. This helps us cut down logistics costs.

As an outsourced medical transcription service provider, we serve hundreds of clients all over the United States. This gives us the advantage of having large sized operations with low  administrative costs. As a result we are able to offer our clients the advantage of a low cost service without compromising high quality or service.

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