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Great Quality

TransDyne has been consistently maintaining an accuracy of over 99% and only employs the most experienced medical transcriptionists. Accuracy rate is calculated as defined by HPI guidelines and maintained by integrating quality control processes in the production process as explained below. Our commitment to higher quality medical transcription standards is achieved by verifying each and every dictation and by constantly evaluating and improving our employee training programs.

Great Service

To render excellent and consistent service to all our clients, we have relationship managers and regional managers who take personal care of each of our accounts. This ensures that the TransDyne staff designated to you is aware of your needs and concerns.

Our staff can be reached 24 hours a day, 365 days. All our front line staff are empowered to solve any customer queries and problems.

TransDyne has a two part quality control process in place for improving and maintaining quality levels.

  1. The first step is quality control in the offshore medical transcription facility. Individual dictations are put through a stringent 4 level medical transcription / proofreading process:

    1. Transcriptionist
    2. Proofreader
    3. Unit In charge
    4. Language Proofreader

    The medical transcriptionist does an individual review of every document after initial medical transcription.

    Then, the completed job moves up the line and is then proofread by the proofreader. The proofreader, sometimes a qualified doctor, proofreads and then forwards the job to the Unit In-Charge. If necessary, the proofreader will attach a specified note regarding any special questions about a particular job to the Unit-In Charge.

    If the job quality is satisfactory, the job will be forwarded to the head administrator for uploading to the corporate office in US. If the quality is less than outstanding, the job will be forwarded to the language proofreader.

    The language proofreader is usually a graduate with a Master's Degree in English with training and experience in medical transcription.

    Unit In-Charge will again review the job done by the language proofreader and will pass the job onto the head administrator if he is satisfied with the quality.

    The quality assurance team does random sampling to test quality across all work levels. The quality assurance team also checks the errors reported back from the clients on a daily basis and works with the Unit In-Charge so that the feedback is given to all the members (medical transcriptionist and proof readers) of the unit. This eliminates repeat errors.

    The job might move around the 4 levels in any formation until the Unit In-Charge is satisfied. At this point, if there are any known errors, an error record is added to the account’s error report. This report is later sent to the US office along with the medical transcription.

  2. The second step involves our staff in the US office. Experienced medical transcriptionists in the US office go over the error report and try to fix the problems. The US team also performs random spot-checking to assure quality before the final job is sent to the end client.

Faster TAT

TransDyne understands the importance of returning charts in a timely manner. We guarantee delivery of your completed medical transcriptions within 24 hours from the time of uploading the file onto our internet servers. Stat reports will be returned in 4-12 hours from the time of uploading the dictations.

TransDyne provides fast turnaround without compromising quality. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide our clients with high quality medical transcription services with guaranteed turn around time.

To us, the TransDyne guarantee means more than just quickly transcribing a professional, accurate medical transcript. We believe in continually earning the right to serve you with outstanding service from initial contact to finished product.

We provide you with confidential and accurate medical transcription services with a great turn around time. With many years of experience providing medical transcription services to the healthcare industry, we are experts in service, quality and speed.

We have plenty of transcribers on hand, so you don't have to worry about us being able to keep up with your volume. Try us and we will show you why so many of our clients like our service!

Secure & HIPAA Compliant

Our Products & Services are designed to meet the increasing security needs. All our systems and processes are HIPAA Compliant.

TransDyne fully understands the importance of data security in the healthcare industry. Our HIPAA compliance strategy is based on three dimensions providing complete end-to-end security of our client's data.

  • Technology
  • Facilities & Infrastructure
  • People & Processes

Our technology incorporates the best security features like 128-bit data encryption, multi-tiered application architecture, design level security safeguards, firewall protected networks, sterilized e-mail servers, denial of access procedures and multi-modal alerts. All our systems are under continuous improvement to handle emerging technology changes.

Secure Facilities & Infrastructure

While secure technology is one of the physical dimensions of our security policy, the other is secure facilities & infrastructure. We ensure that security at all our work facilities & infrastructure is 100%. Using only company owned & managed facilities, not engaging any home medical transcriptionists, employing manned security at the entry/exit points, round-the-clock video surveillance and the lack of removable storage media are some of the measures we take to prepare your data.

Secure Processes & Aware People

The third dimension of security involves the way that we handle our processes and train our people to understand the importance of data security. Every line that we transcribe is done at our premises - nothing is sub-contracted out. This ensures that we are in total control of end-to-end data flow. Apart from this, elaborate security routines, periodic security audits, restricted internal mail and e-mail access, limiting access to confidential data through joint access procedures, HIPAA training, legal undertakings from all our employees are some of the other steps to ensure total security

Guaranteed Savings

TransDyne guarantees you savings of 20% to 50% over your current medical transcription service. TransDyne offers a standard charge starting from $0.10 per 65 character line. Volume and group discounts are also offered to larger practices, hospitals and professional associations.

TransDyne Line Count Methodology

TransDyne defines a line using the standard of 65 characters per line. Our definition of a character is any letter, number, symbol, punctuation or space that is necessary to the medical transcription document. TransDyne does not count key strokes as characters, nor do we count formatting actions such as capitalization (on/off), bold text (on/off), italics (on/off), or underlining (on/off) when we calculate a line.

Each invoice is accompanied with a detailed statement of documents transcribed during that billing period and the actual character count of each of the documents is provided to the client (for large accounts, this statement is provided on request). The detailed statement allows the client to quickly and easily audit the submitted invoice.

Dictation Capture Options

TransDyne’s cloud-based dictation platform can accept dictations from a range of options including cellular and landlines telephones, third party dictation systems, digital recorders, smart phones and tablets.

In our constant endeavor to provide top class dictation experience to our customers, we offer a wide variety of dictation capture solutions which include:

Toll-free dial-in dictation system. TransDyne’s dictation system enables providers to dial in and dictate using landlines and cellular phones. Our dial-in dictation system is cloud-based and has all standard dictation systems features plus configurable keypad functions and user configurations. There are no additional charges for the toll-free dictation lines.

Digital hand-held voice recorders.TransDyne’s PC-based dictation upload software assists mobile physicians who prefer dictation with hand-held voice recorders. The software uploads dictation files to our cloud-hosted servers when the device is docked.

dScribe® dictation app for smart phones.TransDyne’s dScribe® application is a smart alternative to hand-held recorders and is available for iOS and Android smart phones. The app requires very little training and supports all standard features offered by digital hand-held recorders like rewind, forward, insert, pause, stop and playback with volume adjustment. The app utilizes encryption and data security protocols used by banking and financial apps, to upload dictation files over cellular and Wi-Fi networks..

Partial note dictations in EHR.TransDyne’s technology team can integrate partial note dictation offered by EHR systems. Physicians can save valuable time by dictating just the unique narrative detail portions of the visit since the EHR system already knows the visit and patient details. This is an effective way to utilize EHR with the full detail a narrative provides.

Integration with existing dictation system.TransDyne can import voice files from existing dictation system at your healthcare facility. Our software is compatible with most dictation systems, new and old, so you can keep your costs down without having to replace your existing dictation equipment. There are no additional charges for integration with your existing dictation system.

Document Delivery Options

TransDyne’s systems offer a wide range of document delivery options ranging from interfacing with your installed EMR/EHR system to online delivery and hard copy delivery. Our delivery systems have evolved from decades of experience in delivering clinical documents. As a customer, you can select from a range of options and tell us where you want them and how you want them!

Interfaces with EMR/EHR systems are among the most common we encounter. We deliver transcribed reports to popular EMR/EHR systems like AllScripts, Cerner, EPIC, McKesson, MedHost, NextGen, PracticeFusion, PrognoCIS, SRS, SysteMedex, etc. Our system interfaces are vendor neutral, which means we can work with nearly any EMR/EHR system, and interface team can work with your IT interface team or EMR/EHR system vendor on setting up the system interface.

With our web delivery system, physicians can review, edit, and digitally sign their reports from anywhere. In addition, our web delivery system comes with a variety of features that simplify your day-to-day tasks.

Some of the key features include:

  • Dual digital signatures for physicians working with residents or other mid-level providers
  • Batch document printing
  • Batch download
  • Online faxing for secure on-demand and auto faxing based on configurable rules
  • Robust search system to pull up documents from archives.

Our web delivery system can also be used in conjunction with an EMR/EHR system interface so that once the physician e-signs the transcription, we deliver the document directly to the patient's electronic chart without any additional work on your part.

Key Features :
Guaranteed Savings

TransDyne guarantees you savings of 20% to 50% over your current medical transcription service. TransDyne offers a standard charge starting from 10 cents per 65 character line

Superior Quality

TransDyne has been consistently maintaining an accuracy of over 99% and only employs the most qualified/experienced medical transcriptionists. Accuracy rate is calculated as defined by HPI guidelines

Quick Turn Around

TransDyne understands the importance of returning charts in a timely manner. We guarantee delivery of your completed medical transcriptions within 24 hours

24/7 Customer Support

TransDyne renders excellent and consistent service to all our clients 24/7. Free unlimited customer support is available by phone, email and online

Phone-In Dictation

TransDyne offers a toll free phone-in system into which users can call in and record their dictations. Our phone-in dictation system supports customized prompts as per user needs

Digital Recorders

Users can use their PDAs or hand-held digital recorders to dictate. These dictations can then be easily transmitted to TransDyne using our easy-to-use SmartUpload Application

Alternate Modes

If clients desire to use their current mode of dictation/voice capture, be it hand held or in-house dictation systems, TransDyne can accept and securely transmit those dictations to our servers

Online Chart Review

TransDyne's Online Chart Review system features single-click review which opens the next report as soon as the current report review is complete. Physicians can review and edit transcribed reports online using the familiar Microsoft Word application


Physicians can electronically sign documents with a single click, available features include auto insertion of custom electronic signature line with date-time stamp and multiple e-signatures for residents

Manual and Auto Print

TransDyne's systems can automate printing of transcribed reports before and/or after the report is signed off by your providers. Other supported printing features include Manual print off of the online system and remote printing

Auto-Fax and Fax On Demand

TransDyne’s Auto-Fax allows for immediate transmitting of transcribed reports to satellite locations or referring physicians by facsimile. Fax On Demand lets users send medical transcriptions by facsimile without having to print and manual faxing

EMR Integration

TransDyne provides free ERM integration to all major electronic medical records products either through HL7 Messaging or proprietary import features of the EMRs

HL-7 Integration

TransDyne has the resources and tools to accept HL7 based ADT/ order transmissions via TCP/IP, HTTPS and /or VPN. TransDyne also has the capabilities to transmit

Enhanced Workflow

TransDyne’s systems allow for flexible routing of transcribed reports. Documents can be sent to physician’s assistant for initial review, which would be further routed to the physician for e-signature and then routed to EMR, print and/or Auto fax

Voice Recognition

TransDyne has back-end Voice recognition integrated into its workflow management system which helps in reducing the Turnaround time and keeps the cost down

Online Job Management

TransDyne provides a user friendly, online interface to track and manage your dictations and medical transcriptions in real time. You can monitor and change current status of any of your jobs

Custom Management Reports

TransDyne provides customized management reports for each client to track and analyze TAT, Quality, Cost and Performance


TransDyne keeps all voice files and transcribed reports readily available in our medical transcription system for a period of 90 days from the date the voice files are received.

HIPAA Compliance

TransDyne fully understands the importance of data security in the healthcare industry. Our HIPAA compliance strategy is based on three dimensions providing complete end-to-end security

Free Trial

Try our service for one week with absolutely no obligation, to see for yourselves that TransDyne can offer all that you look for in an ideal transcription service

Zero Cost Startup

TransDyne helps new clients to get started at no additional cost. Free software integration

Seamless Transition

TransDyne keeps the changes to a minimum by adapting TransDyne's service to your current processes to provide a seamless transition. TransDyne understands that the most difficult part in switching transcription service is in dealing with the change and retraining staff with new processes and systems

Verifiable Billing

TransDyne subscribes to MTIA billing method principles of providing Verifiable, Definable, Consistent, Fair and Honest billing

Five Levels of Quality Control

TransDyne’s medical transcription system integrates quality control procedures in the production process and provides for five levels of quality control including the final quality control by experienced US transcriptionists

Quality Control Hold

TransDyne routes reports that are suspect because of bad audio quality or mix-up’s to QC hold and notifies Physician staff, so that appropriate action could be taken on them

Reconciliation Alerts

TransDyne can intelligently process the appointment scheduling information against the dictations received and alert the physician with a list of missing dictations

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