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About TransDyne

TransDyne is the new standard in digital medical transcription service and electronic charting. TransDyne utilized its extensive background as an information technology company to develop a system that electronically receives/sends dictations and medical transcriptions over the Internet to save time and money.

Save Money

TransDyne guarantees you savings of 20% to 50% over your current transcription service.

Fast Turnaround Time Guaranteed

We guarantee delivery of your completed medical transcriptions within 24 hours from the time of uploading the file onto our internet servers. Stat reports will be returned in 4-12 hours from the time of uploading the dictations.

Quality Service

- TransDyne is based on the premise of providing consistent and quality service to all of our clients, at all times. Our commitment to provide quality medical transcription work and client satisfaction is our top priority. Our medical transcriptionists and management staff take pride in our reputation for prompt and accurate transcription service.

Customer Support

We can be reached via phone/fax/email 24 hours a day.

Expert Staff

With over approx 1200 transcriptionists on our payroll, we have the personnel, equipment and skills to meet all of your medical transcription needs.


We provide prospective clients the advantage of trying our medical transcription service for a week's time before signing up with us.

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